Editing and proofreading

At Highlight Translations, we understand that in the modern world of fast, continuous and inexhaustible content creation, editing and proofreading services are more necessary than ever.

It is unpleasant for us to spot language and grammar mistakes, and we encourage you to place greater value on your content and overall image by assigning your documents to professional editors/proofreaders, who will check them meticulously.

Which texts we edit and proofread

Everything. Creating content is a necessity. Content writing for websites, newsletters, advertising texts, brochures or catalogues constitutes a necessary step for companies, corporations or individuals who wish to expand beyond borders, and strengthen their website presence or publish advertising material through printed or digital brochures. Whatever the situation may be, editing and proofreading should be a key condition before the last stage of any publication.

We undertake the editing and proofreading of academic works, research and scientific articles, literary works, tourism texts and advertising texts.

At Highlight Translations, we ensure that the end result will be impeccable in terms of grammar and syntax, will be distinguished for its quality language and consistency, and will communicate its message clearly and eloquently, without any errors.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading


Texts that require deeper and more thorough checking are edited.

It is based on word-to-word correction, ensuring that the content is checked in detail. During editing, we check for sentence structure, correct subordinating conjunctions, tenses, appropriate language, consistency and fluency.

To achieve an excellent result, our editors will thoroughly check the text and correct it, but they may replace and rewrite parts when deemed necessary, always ensuring they respect the style and tone of the original.


Texts that require short, superficial checking are proofread.

It is based on word-to-word checking, with the difference being that it focuses on the more technical parts of a text. During proofreading, spelling errors, punctuation, upper-case and lower-case letters, textual consistency, and other grammatical and technical details are checked.

A text is proofread either when it has been altered after editing or when it is well-written enough and just needs a brief, final check to fully ensure that the final content is correct.