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A few words about us

Highlight Translations was founded on 1 June 2020, in Rethymno, Crete. When the time was ripe and well-qualified associates were chosen, it was feasible for us to established Highlight Translations. We were all set and ready to share our professional experience, apply our technical know-how, offer excellent translation services and help you communicate your ideas dynamically and effectively. Our aim is to bridge language barriers and convey your message creatively, through our love for the language, our passion for communication and our eagerness to build strong professional relationships.

Our Mission

We aim to create new communication channels. Our mission is to offer our clients a wide range of reliable translation and language services and help them thrive and grow their company through our special partnership. The core of our philosophy is our customers’ satisfaction and success. We pledge to support and showcase your ideas and needs, by promoting fruitful discussions.

Our vision

We could not be creative, unless we had a vision and we could not believe in evolution, unless we evolved ourselves. It is our pleasure to help companies expand their horizons and thrive globally. Our inspiration stems from the ways people benefit from the language services we offer. Our vision involves building cultural communication bridges, by connecting people in our multilingual environment, making it easier to understand human expression.

We believe in:

Kyveli Georgiou, MA – Founder

Kyveli Georgiou is a bilingual translator (Serbian-Greek) and founder of Highlight Translations.

She was born in Cyprus and raised in Serbia. Her cultural influences, her innate inclination towards languages and her love for literature paved the way for her studies. She studied Modern Greek Language (Belgrade, Serbia) and obtained a postgraduate degree in Modern Greek Literature (Nicosia, Cyprus). After completing her studies, she worked with many agencies in Serbia, Greece and Cyprus. She is a member of Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM) and 5 of her literary translations have been published in Serbia.

The establishment of Highlight Translations was the capstone of her 10-year experience as a translator, but also arose from her need to evolve, by offering translation services in other language combinations – in partnership with reliable and exceptional colleagues – and reinforcing collaboration and communication among people, companies and the market, in Greece and abroad.

She chose “quality matters” as the motto of Highlight Translations because she believes in quality first in everything.

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